August 22, 2013


Welcome to the world of Bip Ling. We think we like her never much. This Storm model, DJ, artist, ‘face of’ and more importantly Blogger is so cool it literally hurts.

Follow her on Instagram or regularly check out her blog? If not do it now for a rollercoaster ride of fun, festivals and music. You will walk away feeling just a little bit jealous (or with really sore eyes, her blog is super bright).

So why do we like Bip? Well first off she has a wardrobe to DIE for… Armani, Louboutin, Chanel the list just goes ON. Secondly she is seriously hilarious and doesn’t take herself to seriously. We love her style of writing (think along the lives of Gap Yarrrr) and if you are a regular on her blog you will notice a little blue friend popping up from time to time. Oh and did we forget to mention that every picture looks like a technicolour dream coat? ┬áThis girl is loving life and this is why we love her.

Bip does have a serious side to her though, sponsoring young girls in India to ensure they get a good education. It makes us love her that little bit more and why we have made Bip our She’s In Fashion girl of the week.



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